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At LH Academy, we offer comprehensive training courses that teach you everything you need to know about permanent makeup and eyebrows. Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to succeed in this exciting and growing industry.

In addition to our comprehensive training courses, LH Beauty Academy is proud to offer flexible learning options to cater to diverse preferences and schedules. We understand that everyone's learning style is unique, which is why we provide both live and online training opportunities. Our live training sessions provide hands-on experience and direct interaction with experienced instructors, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning environment. On the other hand, our online courses offer the flexibility to study at your own pace, making it convenient for those with busy schedules or geographical constraints.

Moreover, at LH Beauty Academy, we are committed to inclusivity, recognizing the importance of providing education in multiple languages, so en esta casa, hablamos español! Our courses are available in both English and Spanish, allowing us to reach a broader audience and create an inclusive learning community. 

Embark on your journey with LH Beauty Academy, where we not only provide education but also foster a supportive community. Join us in mastering the art of permanent makeup and eyebrows, and unlock a world of opportunities in the beauty industry. Your success begins with us, offering the flexibility and language options you need to thrive in this dynamic field.

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Hello, beautiful! My name is Lina Hernandez and I will be your instructor in your new PMU & Lash journey. I am a dedicated and passionate professional committed to helping individuals enhance their natural beauty and boost their self-confidence. With a strong background in Permanent Makeup and Eyelashes, I strive to provide exceptional services and personalized consultations to meet the unique needs of each client. Let's get right to it!

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LH Beauty Academy Online is currently all booked up. Join the waitlist to learn about new course launches and training opportunities.

We'll be in touch soon!

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